Sport Operations Management

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Halfpenny Golf

Module: Sport Operations Management SMGT40210
MSc Sport and Exercise Management

Centre for Sport Studies
School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science

Introduction and context analysis
Halpenny Golf is one of the largest golf retailers in Ireland and the UK and stickiest with stores located in Swords, Lucan, Grafton Street and Drogheda. It is a golf facility retailer in Ireland who provide over thousand golf product. Halpenny golf is amongst the top 10 golf retailers in UK & Ireland. They have four entity stores and one website shop, and serve over 60,000 customers with quite high loyalty. Their customer recognition technology is the most sophisticated and innovative of its kind in the world. They work to exacting international quality management standards with small manger group. Since it is a big retailer in Irish golf industry it still affected by the crisis erupts since 2008. They have to change their shop place and make is smaller and more profitable. More and more these customers prefer to do less purchasing in golf. And some of them were trying online shop such as golf online in UK which can provide more and cheaper equipment. The context of Halpenny is losing customer and profit in poor economic days in Ireland. It is easy to find the people in Ireland still have huge purchasing power at sport. However we still can find the changes between 10 years ago and now. People would like spend more money in gym and swimming pool which can easy to relaxed and much cheaper than play a round of golf. Less people golf lead less golf purchasing. Benchmarking

Before we talk more about Halpenny itself, we need find some benchmarking for it. In this essay will provide three benchmarking for Halpenny Golf. There are American Golf, Footlocker and Boshang golf Facility Company. First one is American Golf in Ireland which is another big golf retailer in Ireland. American golf is the Europe’s largest golf retailer. They have 95 stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland and they are still growing! Most of their store managers are keen golfers just like their customers and the average handicap of the staff is 7. Since this company come from US, lots of its business culture is efficient and advanced. For example they have their own careers website beside its online shop. This website is very professional and helpful for its new staff. Here are some regulations about Training and Development: “We have a comprehensive online Induction Programme for all new colleagues which is fully supported by Store Management. Sales Advisors must complete a 9 hole Induction Programme in their probationary period, normally 12 weeks. Management induction consists of in store training, completion of our 18 hole Induction Programme in your probationary period, normally 24 weeks. A 3 day visit to our retail support center in warrington to meet the teams and receive sales floor management training. You will have regular review meetings with your RSM.”(americangolf, 2013) And they also have each role’s training lesson from regional sales manager to sales advisor. All details about application, training and working with any American golf shop were on this their career website. Compare with Halpenny golf the American golf have more clearly working handbook and better career path for staff which can lead better development in nowadays golf retailer industry. The next one benchmarking is the Foot locker. As we know foot locker is an international shoes and sports facility retailer company come from US. Foot locker in Ireland may face many similar problems with Halpenny Golf during these years but the foot locker still has good sales performance. From my point, one very significant reason is foot locker can catch the female and children market better compare with Halpenny. In other words, foot locker does have enough products for female and children when they provide male product as main sales. We can easily...
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