Sport and Passion

Topics: Sport, Time, American football Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: December 13, 2012

Passion is kind of interesting and love to do something. People who doing things which are very important in their life should be guided by feelings, interest and of course passion. When people doing things for example, if they working in a position which is not interesting for them or they doing things that don't agree with their outlook. In companies are very many embarassing examples that provide to disagreement with workers interest. A lot of time people in company who are in higher position delegate tasks to the others which are different with their outlook.

My work deals of my passion which is sport. Of course I love to work out in the sport, mainly soccer, basketball, swimming and gym but nowadays I realised that working out the sport is non with profit for me. The reasons why I stop to play soccer at professional level is clear. In football you can play at the high level for 10 years. It is not a lot of time, and during this time you don't have time for the learning and gathering experience in normal work. Of course you can gather a lot of money for whole your life but you have to have a lot of luck. Only one of a million have this luck. I have played soccer for about ten years as an junior. During this time I was walking to school and it was very hard to share learning and sport but I took face of this problem because it was worth of it. Today I'm very well organised person who can devide work, university and hobbies. Thanks to my soccer experience I had known a lot of people who deals of it. So after my professional playing at football I decided to work about the sport. Of course I'm still playing football in the University team. In my country I represent University of Lodz but here in France I'm playing in Jean Moulin Lyon 3 team.

As I said before my passion is sport but the most experience I have in football. It's true because I love this game as one of the most in the world. And I would like to work in sport because it make...
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