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Importance of Sports

Sports have been around for quite a long time now, but do we realize how much of an impact they have made? They helped the economy and people as well. Sports have a very different history that made a huge impact on today. Sports were used as entertainment during the war, it also boosted our economy, and is important to health and fitness. I think sports were very important in the making of what we have today. They affected the people of this time as well. A reason sports were so important were they were used as a source of entertainment when we needed some during the war. Radios had just been invented and sports were followed through that as well. People also had more time and with shorter hours people had more free time and leisurely time to enjoy sports. In the early 1900’s, sports had become very popular. Some sports in particular were baseball, tennis, golf, swimming, football, and boxing. Newspapers, radios, magazines, and movies and played a part in making these sports more known and popular. A huge part of sports was the effect it had on the economy. Once sports were caught in the eye of the media they soon became the next big thing. Anything that publicized sports were sure to get money because people wanted to go home and hear about their favorite teams and what had been going on in the sports world. People paid money to go and buy the newspaper and magazines to see what the scores were and listened to the radio to hear the breaking news. Sports had also brought in more money from selling products from new sports teams. The economy had definitely got to one of its highest points due to sports. The economy now is much different from back then. Sports have helped the economy in many ways. One way they have helped is local business get a lot of money when sports are on T.V because people want to go to the place where the game is on. Another way sports have affected the economy now is stadiums get millions a year for games that...
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