Sponsorship Proposal

Topics: Minor league baseball, Major League Baseball, Promotion and relegation Pages: 12 (3578 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Executive Summary

In an effort to promote the h.h.gregg brand, we are becoming the official sponsors of two minor league baseball leagues. The two leagues are the Eastern League and the South Atlantic league. In becoming the sponsors of these two leagues, we will be able to raise awareness, expand our customer database, drive customers into our retail stores, and increase sales. Our wide range of promotions will ensure the success of this marketing partnership. These promotions include h.h.gregg fireworks night, scoreboard signage, raffles for TV giveaway, and advertising on social media networks as well as on the team and league websites. There will also be in-game promotions that will include a free t-shirt giveaway, an h.h.gregg kiosk located at every stadium, in-game announcements on the PA system, and our “h.h. says” game. With powerhouse competitors such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart, this partnership will increase exposure of our brand over a large geographic location.

Partnership Description

Minor Leagues General Information

Baseball is known as “America’s Favorite Pastime.” However, there is a vast difference between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball. As a result of inconsistent product quality at the Minor League level, minor league franchises are forced to explore other strategies to attract spectators to the game. Minor league games are known to be a “Family Friendly” environment, which is suitable for our “target market.” The season starts in the beginning of April and runs to the middle of September with a 4-team playoff following the regular season. The South Atlantic League and Eastern League brought in a combined attendance of over 7 million spectators in 2012. There are 26 teams between the two leagues and each has a total of 68 home games. With the promise of lengthy brand exposure over a wide array of cities, partnering with these respective minor leagues will prove to be a valuable marketing decision and help achieve our objectives.

Eastern League

The Eastern League is a Double-A minor league affiliate that was founded in 1923. There are a total of 12 teams that are all located along the east coast. Their attendance throughout the whole season totaled 3.8 million people in 2012.

South Atlantic League

The South Atlantic League is a Single-A minor league affiliate that was founded in 1980. There are a total of 14 teams that are located in the Southeast region. Their attendance throughout the whole season was 3.2 million people in 2012.

Proposal Objective

There are several objectives that we believe can be achieved through this sponsorship and will greatly benefit our organization. The primary objectives that we want to focus on are raising awareness of h.h.gregg, expanding our customer database, driving customers into our retail stores, and increasing sales. We believe these objectives can be fulfilled through the promotions we have developed.

Most people have heard of our competitors such as Best Buy and Sears. Not everyone has the same knowledge about h.h.gregg, which is why one of our main goals is to increase brand awareness. H.h.gregg fireworks night is one of our promotions that will increase awareness of our brand and also bring people into the stadiums where we will have other in-game promotions. We will also have advertisements on social media networks such as “Facebook” and the league and team websites. Another promotion in our sponsorship is scoreboard signage. This will ensure exposure of our brand to anyone who attends a game.

Expanding our customer database is another objective we can accomplish through this sponsorship. With our h.h.gregg kiosk that will be located in each of the 26 stadiums, it will give our employees a chance to interact 1-on-1 with adults in the stadium and give them the opportunity to sign up for coupons and giveaways by providing their personal information.

Driving customers to the store and increasing sales go hand in...
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