Rising Professional Sport Ticket Prices

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  • Published : August 11, 2011
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Rising Professional Sport Ticket Prices

Rising Professional Sport Ticket Prices
The rise of ticket prices for sporting events in America has spiraled out of control into a nosedive that may prove to be impossible to recover from. Dedicated fans of most economic status are becoming more inclined to watch sporting events on television than ever before, turning many families into perpetual couch potatoes. This is a direct result of the current greed of professional sports as a whole and continued rising ticket costs. With price increases ruthlessly applied over the years, the impact of increased ticket prices on middle class, and even professional sports “sticking it” to their season ticket holders, the effects have become devastating for sports fans. The costs of sporting events in America have soared to an incredible high over the decades. Baseball, basketball, football, and hockey have become important in our society for escape and entertainment for all ages over the history of the United States. When professional sports gained nationwide popularity in the 1950s, ticket prices were tailored to fit the average American’s budget. A major league Baseball ticket averaged a mere $1.54 in 1950. (Haupert, 2007) In the 1950s, a child of preteen age could afford to attend a professional baseball game on allowance money afforded to him by his parents. In 2009, the average ticket price for a Major League baseball game is a steep $25.40. (Press, 2008) Those days of “fun for all” have been put to a violent halt by the owners and proprietors of professional sports. As expected, ticket prices have increased with inflation as with any other consumer product, but the greediness of the owners and those associated has taken over in professional sports. Because of the popularity increasing, owners have felt the need to drastically increase profits at the fans expense. This incredible increase is not applied in Major League baseball exclusively. All professional...
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