Splendid Deception Essay

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Vivek Patel
Splendid Deception
By - Hugh G. Gallagher
Splendid deception is an inspiring and motivational book about Franklin D. Roosevelt and his struggle through the deadly disease known as polio. This biography focuses on the polio aspect of President Roosevelt’s life and what he did to overcome these hardships and be the amazing leader he was known for and still is known as. This biography also goes through the sacrifices that he had to make because of his disease in order to continue leading the American people through the times of war and hardship. Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents I history due to the time he was in office and his outstanding performance as president even with his polio.

The reason this biography is called Splendid Deception is because throughout his whole presidency Franklin D. Roosevelt was deceiving the public. He acted as if he didn’t have polio by walking at public events, never being seen with a wheelchair, climbing stairs, and driving a car which was customized so he could drive without legs. However he had no bad intentions for deceiving the public. He ws only doing it to show the American people and the rest of the world that he was still a strong and capable leader to lead the country through its hardship.

The author of this biography, Hugh G. Gallagher, wrote this book with a certain perspective that only he could accomplish. Hugh G. Gallagher also had polio so he knew exactly how FDR felt and how much he had to struggle so others wouldn’t know. So he knew that even though President Roosevelt was smiling on the outside he was in great agony on the inside. These qualities helped him to be able to go into great detail about the pains and problems with having polio and how bad FDR must have felt while he was deceiving the people of America. I think this quality about Gallagher didn’t make him biased but made everyone else who wrote about FDR biased. Since Gallagher was the first author to...
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