Spiritual Leadership

Topics: Management, Leadership, Social psychology Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Spiritual Leadership Erik van Praag
We are experiencing a period in which the ego has a huge lead on sustainable and responsible business. This book is about the lack of spirituality and connection in business and organizations. All this while spiritual leadership is absolutely essential for sustainable development, not only of our own organization, but also of the world as a whole. Content of ‘this’ essay

Spiritual Leadership is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, politicians, and in addition for anyone who wants to be aware of the influence he has on his (work) situation. This book covers so many interesting factors/aspects involved in Leadership, I will only explain one subject this book covers wich is; The Group and desires of The Group

In a group there are three fundamental desires every team should satisfy in order to optimize their proces and results. 1. ‘To be part of a group’
This is a deep yet instinctive urge, everyone has either been or seen someone being rejected by the group. ( happens a lot at elementary & middle schools ) If we remember this event carefully then we remember all the emotions caused by being rejected. Being rejected by the group is one of the worst things to happen, If we witness someone being rejected we pity them, also most people won’t stand up for someone being rejected, we don’t dare too. We will do whatever we must in order to not be rejected ourselves. Individuals adept themselves towards the group’s boundaries. 2. ‘The urge for atanomy’

This is the urge to lead yourself, the urge to have a playground and being able to play. No one wants someone to tell them exactly what to do, when to do it and where to do it. We like to have power over ourselves, and sometimes even others. In every social group there is a pick-order, there are always different layers in this social group. This isn’t just about physical freedom but also about setting your own goals, choices, working scheduel and so on. 3....
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