Spiritual Diversity

Topics: Health care, Religion, Health care provider Pages: 4 (1512 words) Published: May 13, 2013

Spiritual Diversity in HealthCare

Amber Norris

Grand Canyon University:


April 14, 2013


Many people describe “faith” in different ways. However, many studies indicate patients of all faiths tend to utilize familiar components such as meditation and prayer, as well as the patient’s own perspective on how their personal culture and tradition affect their care. Simply put, a person's faith, religion, or spirituality can be a critical component in their healing process.  Although different religions may have differing views on providing care, one thing remains the same. All things being equal, people of “faith” tend to heal faster. This paper will explore three different religions and compare the differing philosophies they present as it relates to faith and healing. The paper will address each faith individually and compare any differences to the Christian faith.

Spiritual Diversity in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is comprised of medical providers from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and faiths. Due to the nature of their profession, these professionals are often faced with caring for patients that are also from diverse backgrounds. This paper will address three of those different faiths and compare their philosophies regarding healing through culturally competent care. It is critical for health care providers to put aside their own religious and cultural beliefs and be sensitive to the needs of their patients. Healthcare providers, “speak a different language filled with medical terminology, and our understanding and beliefs regarding health and illness can differ greatly from the population we serve” (Wintz & Coope, 2009). A healthcare provider can provide culturally competent care by...
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