Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Religious beliefs and spiritual commitments are always been an important factors

of health and wellbeing. Different religion has their own beliefs, customs and

perspectives to guide their followers. As a health care personnel, nurses play an important

role to assist their patients to meet their spiritual and religious needs especially during

crisis. Each religion has its own importance. It is impracticable to predict how one patient

or family member may understand or apply their religious traditions in the health care

settings. Thus, health care providers should assist the patients and family members to explain

how their religious or cultural values about personal needs, interaction with staff and

treatment decisions. The knowledge of different religion are essential to provide a culturally

competent care. This paper mentioned three other faith with Christianity are Hinduism,

Buddhism and Islam. (Ehman, C. J, 2007).


Hinduism is the world's oldest and third largest religion, which originated in India.

Hindus believe that the body is made up of natural elements such as earth, air, water, fire,

etc. Good health can achieve by the appropriate balance of these elements and its

imbalance lead to disease. They believes that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

health to be balanced to have a good health. So they practice yoga to combine the body ,

mind and intellect to attain perfect harmony or alignment. Cleanliness of the body and

home are very important for Hindus. So they takes early morning bathing and early

evening bathing. Hindus believe in reincarnation. The body is usually cremated within

twenty-four hours following death. Death is considered the starting point for rebirth.

Hindus are mainly strict vegetarians. They refuse to consume any meat or animal by-products

including medication that are produced using animals. Fasting is a common...
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