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Sr. No| Topic| Pg. no|
1. | Marketing Objectives| 1.|
1.2| Ansoff Matrix| 1.|
1.3| Unique Selling Proposition| 3.|
1.4| Point of Difference| 4.|
1.5| Point of Parity| 4.|
| | |
2. | Marketing Program| 5.|
2.1| Product| 5.|
2.1.1| Lines to be introduced| 5.|
2.1.4| Quality| 11.|
2.1.5| Packaging| 12.|
2.2| Promotion Strategies:| 14.|
2.2.1| Online and Print Media Promotion | 14.|
2.2.1 | Outdoor Promotion| 16|
2.2.2| Digital Media Marketing| 17.|
2.2.3| PR Activities| 18.|
2.3| Price| 19.|
2.3.1| Pricing Strategy | 19.|
2.3.2| Price Range| 19.|
2.4| Place| 20.|
2.4.1| * Store Setup| * Facilities| Store Display| Store USP| | Location| 20.|
3. | Financial Budgeting| 23.|
| | |

Marketing Objectives

The Ansoff Model:

Existing Market – Product Expansion

Speedo Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of swimwear. Speedo brand can be found on products ranging from swimsuits and goggles to wrist watches and MP3 players is established in the swimwear market as one of the leading brands of the world. Being in this industry since decades now, Speedo has a very high brand value and is consistently rated as one of the top 100 brands in the world every year. In today’s world technology is being updated by every second and hence a company needs to keep itself in tune with the technology and happenings of the world and strategize accordingly. Hence Speedo uses the PRODUCT EXPANSION strategy which means that it has an existing market but has to expand its operations and product range and diversity as time progresses.

Indian Market – Market Penetration

Speedo may be very popular amongst consumers in India but it is still a new company in the market as a whole keeping in mind the Indian swimwear market. This is the reason why the market penetration is recommended in this market. According to the Ansoff model this strategy is used when a company is well established but enters a new market in which it is still young and needs to penetrate in the market in keeping with new marketing strategies and existing market situation.

Unique Selling Proposition

Whenever one utters the world swimwear, the first brand that comes to mind; is Speedo such is the phenomenal fan following of this brand. Whenever there is a Speedo swimwearon television, men and women the world over, tune in to catch the latest trends in. The plus points of a big swimwear brand like Speedo are proportionate pricing, a mind boggling range of sizes, including extra large sizes for overweight women and cup A sizes for beginners, opulent and mind numbing designs coupled with fantastic fits.

The USP of Speedo is the: mix of goodlooking swimwear and practicality, which makes it possible to think of everyday wear as well.

Point of Difference:

* Fun, Comfortable, Athletic Speedo will be one of the very few swimwear brands in India with that Brand Image. Products sold at Speedo are diverse (from swimwear to body care and accessories) are Vibrant and well packaged, unlike its competitors.

Point of Parity:

* There are a few elements that Speedo would wish to borrow from it’s competitors to incorporate into it’s business model: * Attention to comfort
* Introduce body shaping Products
* Concentrate on store interiors and display.

Marketing Program


Speedo India will have a varied range of products on offer; these consist of in addition to the swimear which is there in various sectors in India: * Swimsuits men/Women (Racing,Training,Triathelite,Competitive Equiqment,Fina approved suits, Swim Fitness) * Trunks

* Fitness Range/Body care(Health and Well Being, Speedo sculpture,Accessories,Aqua Active, Play and fun) * Accessories
* Speedo Digital (Aqua beat MP3 player, Aqua Coach)

All Speedo products are benchmarks in terms of design, functionality,...
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