Vodafone Acquire Hutch

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Merger is defined as combination of two or more companies into a single company where one survives and the others lose their corporate existence. The survivor acquires all the assets as well as liabilities of the merged company or companies. Generally, the surviving company is the buyer, which retains its identity, and the extinguished company is the seller. Acquisition in general sense is acquiring the ownership in the property. In the context of business combinations, an acquisition is the purchase by one company of a controlling interest in the share capital of another existing company. Purpose of Mergers & Acquisitions

(1) Procurement of supplies:
1. To safeguard the source of supplies of raw materials or intermediary product; 2. To obtain economies of purchase in the form of discount, savings in transportation costs, overhead costs in buying department, etc. 3. To share the benefits of suppliers economies by standardizing the materials. (2) Revamping production facilities:

1. To achieve economies of scale by amalgamating production facilities through more intensive utilization of plant and resources; 2. To standardize product specifications, improvement of quality of product, expanding 3. Market and aiming at consumers satisfaction through strengthening after sale Services; (3) Market expansion and strategy:

1. To eliminate competition and protect existing market;
2. To obtain a new market outlets in possession of the offeree; 3. To obtain new product for diversification or substitution of existing products and to enhance the product range; (4) Financial strength:

1. To improve liquidity and have direct access to cash resource; 2. To dispose of surplus and outdated assets for cash out of combined enterprise; 3. To enhance gearing capacity, borrow on better strength and the greater assets backing; (5) General gains:

1. To improve its own image and attract superior managerial talents to manage its affairs; 2. To offer better satisfaction to consumers or users of the product. (6) Own developmental plans:
The purpose of acquisition is backed by the offeror company’s own developmental plans. A company thinks in terms of acquiring the other company only when it has arrived at its own development plan to expand its operation having examined its own internal strength where it might not have any problem of taxation, accounting, valuation, etc. (7) Strategic purpose: The Acquirer Company view the merger to achieve strategic objectives through alternative type of combinations which may be horizontal, vertical, product expansion, market extensional or other specified unrelated objectives depending upon the corporate strategies.

Types of Mergers
(A)Vertical combination:
A company would like to takeover another company or seek its merger with that company to expand espousing backward integration to assimilate the resources of supply and forward integration towards market outlets. The acquiring company through merger of another unit attempts on reduction of inventories of raw material and finished goods, implements its production plans as per the objectives and economizes on working capital investments. (B)Horizontal combination:

It is a merger of two competing firms which are at the same stage of industrial process. The acquiring firm belongs to the same industry as the target company. (C)Circular combination:
Companies producing distinct products seek amalgamation to share common distribution and research facilities to obtain economies by elimination of cost on duplication and promoting market enlargement. (D)Conglomerate combination:

It is amalgamation of two companies engaged in unrelated industries like DCM and Modi Industries. The basic purpose of such amalgamations remains utilization of financial resources and enlarges debt capacity through re-organizing their financial structure so as to service the shareholders by increased leveraging and EPS, lowering average...
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