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Public Speaking
Speech Outline
1) Explain the differences between a speaking outline and a formal outline. According to the course text book, a formal outline is defined as “a complete sentence outline written in sufficient detail that a person other than the speaker could understand it, (Grice & Skinner, 2010, p. 197)”. The course text book defines a speaking outline as “a brief outline for the speaker’s use alone and containing source citations and delivery prompts, (Grice & Skinner, 2010, p. 200)”. In other words, formal outline are designed for people in general to understand using complete sentences, and a speaking outline is created for the speaker only, using source citation notes and special delivery notes for when the speaker changes their speech delivery. Works Cited

Grice, G., L., & Skinner, J., F., (2010). “Mastering Public Speaking, Seventh Edition”. Published by Allyn &
Bacon. Copyright, (2010, 2007, 2004, 2001, 1998, 1995, 1993) Pearson Education, Inc. Date
Retrieved: 03/01/2013.
2) Select any topic and outline a two- or three- point speech in key word or phrase format that you could give on that subject. Indicate coordinate and subordinate points. I. The importance of having life goals.

A. The realization of life goals
1. First audience question
a. (Why?)
2. Second audience question
a. (What happened?)
3. Third audience question
a. (Who is at fault?)
II. Using life goals in comparison to the life span structure of the human eye ball
A. First example of life goals verses human eye ball
1. Blind people can’t see
B. Second example of life goals verses human eye ball
1. Dead people can’t achieve life goals
C. Third example of life goals verses human eye ball
1. Damaged vision can be repaired
a. Prescription eye glasses
b. Laser eye surgery
III. How to achieve life goals
A. Developing a positive mental attitude
1. Characteristics of a person with a positive attitude...
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