How to Succeed in Life

Topics: Success, Donald Trump, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1553 words) Published: February 23, 2013
How to Succeed in Life
Ruben Delgado
DGM 1010
Professor Ryan Hibbert
12 February 2013
One of the oldest human enigmas is posed in two philosophical questions: what is the purpose of life? Or how can I pursuit happiness? And most responses are summarized in a simple statement which is the men are looking for success. All of us whom want to be successful will want to know six basic steps like became a self starter, develop commitment, make the impossible possible, rely on yourself, learn how to set up goals and how to achieve it, and the most important to develop never give up. First of all, a self starter is not afraid to fail. Instead a self starter wonders how I can do it. Certainly self initiative means a matter of action. For example, if you see your mother carrying groceries, and you realize that she needs help, you by yourself without anyone saying anything, you go and help that is self initiative. However, if your mom asks you for help, and you go that is just help. Sometimes we wonder how people achieve success and why not us, but the answer is simple, this people are self starters and they will not postpone decisions, actions, and opportunities. Even though self starters face different kind of problems, they always will take the first step to find a solution rather than run away of the problem. Consequently, a change will happen. A self starter should have in mind four rules: * If I star a change, the change will happen.

* I do not expect things happen I will make things happen. * I will not postpone decisions, actions, and opportunities. Instead I will do what I have to do. * I will try everything even if I fail, or even if am criticized by others. I trust myself. A second step to work on is to develop commitment. Behind a story of success we are going to find willpower and sacrifice. Something that is really interesting to hear about people is that everybody has goals but only few reach those goals and I always ask my self why we do...
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