Speech on Yawning

Topics: Stretching, Yawn, Sleep Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: May 4, 2011
The power of a single word…one of life’s greatest mysteries…the ability to affect an entire crowd by uttering a distinct expression…have you figured it out yet…do you know what word I’m talking about? (Yawn) It’s the word….YYAAAAAWWWNNNN!

Believe it or not, yawning is one of the most googled phenomenon’s in the world. The contagious power of yawning has puzzled scientist for years. Without thinking about it, you can SEE someone yawn, yearn to replicate the action, and before you know it, your mouth is agape. Other times, all it takes is for you to HEAR the loud hum of a bored or tired soul yawning, and once again, your mouth expands, and everyone can see the little dangly thing hanging in the back of your throat. In fact I’ve been known to yawn “involuntarily” while talking on the phone to some of my most exciting friends. – Pretty sure what I heard at the other end of the phone was a contagious yawn from the ever so entertaining counterpart. It’s amazing how an everyday occurrence can be so powerful and contagious….. (yawn)….not to mention the plethora of yawning methods. Take for example the concealed method. This is the one where you may be in class, in church, or listening to your younger sibling share their “day” at the “family table”. … With this tactic, you nonchalantly place your hand near your lips, turn your head and try to yawn without opening your mouth. (demonstrate) This usually causes some disturbing vibrations in your head. You can hear the yawn however your company is void of any sound. Or what about that obvious I don’t want to be here anymore method? Your mom begins to explain why she expects you to spend 30 minutes a day reading and ……blah blah blah….that’s when you yawn and squint your eyes just a tad so mom will “assume” that you may be tired and need some extra sleep. Here’s a good one….or should I say an embarrassing one. Situation: movies with a girl…hating the chick flick …… (do a yawn)…. Tears in the eyes…great she...
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