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Topics: Hiccup, Drinking water Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Angelisa Chavez
Professor Harris-Jenkinson
COMM 301: Public Speaking
Mon/Weds 7:30, Comm301 April 3, 2013

Informative Speech

By the end of my informative speech the audience will understand the mystery behind hiccups. Most individuals do not know why people hiccup even though it is such a common uncontrollable body function. Before deciding on this topic I did a little bit of audience research and asked a group of six classmates whether they knew why we hiccup; nobody was able to give a clear correct reason, only guesses. Thus, this topic is relevant to my audience for the informative speech. Introduction: Show Presentation Aid: Pixar Video on Hiccups http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIj4KZ-IQFY

How many people in here have ever hiccupped before? Well, according to the research done by the New England Journal of Medicine in the year 2000, every person in this room should have raised their hand. Because you probably did it before you were born, when you were in the womb and you will probably get the hiccups every now and then until you depart from this Earth. Although hiccups are so common and as we saw in the Pixar video, “everyone” has their own idea how to get rid of them, most people don’t really know why they hiccup in the first place. Preview:

So to solve this everyday mystery, we will first take a take a look at the anatomy of a “hiccup!”. Then secondly find out what it actually means when you get a case of the hiccups. And lastly, I’ll share with you my “SECRET” to finally get rid of those pesky hiccups as soon as you get them.


I.First Main Point: The Anatomy of a “Hiccup!”

A. Since the research of WebMD in 2009, states that hiccups are a lifelong occurrence, and differ case by case, the first step to maybe finding a cure that will help you personally get rid of the hiccups faster, is to first understand their anatomy and where they come from.

1.Hiccups are caused when your diaphragm becomes...
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