Speech on Teen Sex

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (1592 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Understanding Human Relationships: Love & Sexuality

For teens, the mere thought of sex can be overwhelming. I know, I have been a teenager before. However, there is so much to think about, so much to worry about, and so much that can go wrong. Whether you are sexually active or not, knowing the facts about what sex is, and what it is not, is very important. And I am here to feed you with some knowledge about “What is SEX all about?” please, bear with me till then.

So now what is sex? What do we know about sex? Parents might say it's about our bodies or our hormones, about our feelings and our relationships, or about touching and being touched. Some might think it's about doing or engaging in one kind of sex or any kind of sex, or about wanting, seeking out or experiencing certain kinds of pleasure. Others might say it's about parts of our identity, like our gender identity or sexual orientation. Biology teachers might say it's about reproduction: about making babies (or not). You might say it's about our desires to be close to -- or far away from -- other people in ways we define or experience as sexual, or about feeling horny, lusty, tingly, mingly, hungry, itchy, twitchy or whatever words you use to express a strong feeling of "I want to have sex NOW."

If any one of those things were your answers, you're right. If all or most of those things were your answers, you're even more right. But allow me to rephrase all these in a more appropriate way so that you would get a better insight of SEX.

Sex involves physical and emotional touch. It is risky; as you can get pregnant – for females, worse a sexually transmitted infection, on top of all these, you can get your heart broken or your ego bruised, or might even feel let down and disappointed when it is over. Sex; it is a milestone; you only get one chance to lose your virginity. So think before doing it girls. It is sensitive; be sure that the timing is right for...
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