Psy 265 Final

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Homosexuality, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (1574 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Personal Response on Sexual Identity

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It’s no secret that we all have sex. Every person grows up as an individual, learning things about themselves as they go along, as well as learning about others. We all eventually end up calling someone else our significant other, whether it be of the same sex or not, and we all end up making personal decisions about our sexual identity and actions as we progress through life. We define our sexual identities of something unique to only us and we acquire our identities with a mix of influences: biological, psychological, social, cultures, values, and society in the time in which we are growing up. After such influences, we make the choice when to lose our virginity, when to start dating, whether or not to use precautions during sexual intercourse, when to bear our first child, and so on. There are many stages of life a person goes through before they actually know everything about themselves, know their true gender role, and sexual identity. Ethical relativism is a term for values used for people that believe that there is no correct moral or value system used for considering sexual relations. People have differences amongst their views on sex versus their neighbors, versus their parents, versus anyone, and they have the right to have such a choice. I believe that someone who waits until marriage has that choice and is not morally correct or incorrect, just as someone who decides to have sex with people he or she just met is. I personally do not care to wait until marriage to find out what my partner is like in bed, but I encourage those that have strong values to wait until marriage to do so. There is no single correct moral value. Contraception and whether or not to take it is also a debatable issue, but again, it is the person’s choice ultimately on what they do with their life, and there is no correct way of thinking with this. Religious values might affect someone’s morals or...
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