Topics: Parenting styles, Developmental psychology, Parenting Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Parenting Styles and the Effects on Child Development
Christina Drakeford Prairie State College

Parenting Styles and their Effects on Children, This essay is about the three different styles of parenting, including definitions, descriptions, and effects. The present study examined the significance of methods of discipline used by parents and how these methods of discipline consequently affect multiple aspects of their child's development. Even though there are a lot of different ways of parenting, in psychology they are classifies into three different categories. In the 1960s Diana Blumberg formulated 3 parenting styles based on an extensive long term study. The three main categories are: Authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting, and authoritative parenting. As a parent this topic is very important because it has become necessary to value the job of parenting. Learning good parenting skills that are valuable and useful with the progression of child development is extremely essential.

Diana Blumberg Baumrind is a clinical and developmental psychologist that specializes in parenting styles. Baumrind was born on August 23, 1927 in a small Jewish community in New York City; she was the first of two daughters born to Hyman and Mollie Blumberg. Baumrind earned a B.A. in philosophy at Hunter College in 1948. She later received her M.A. and Ph. D. in Psychology at the University of California, Berkley; she studied developmental, clinical, and social psychology. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled “Some personality and situational determinants of behavior in a discussion group” Baumrind completed a clinical residency at the Cowell Memorial Hospital/Kaiser Permanente and was a fellow under the NIMH grant investigating therapeutic change, extending her research to families and therapy groups. By 1960 Baumrind was a clinical and developmental...
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