Special Place

Topics: Family, Camping, Mother Pages: 3 (475 words) Published: May 22, 2012
When I four, my step—dad, my mother, my sister, and

I moved into my favorite place ever. This was the most

beautiful place I've ever been to. It was a, little fifty

person campsite. This campsite was located in, Moses

Lake with, huge, clear, blue, clean, and extravagant

lakes surrounding it. Every lake had, great reflections of

yellow sky in the morning, soothing reflections of white

and blue moonlight in the evening, and nice little chirps

of crickets to put you to sleep. During the morning we

would go, fishing, crabbing, and clam digging. In the

afternoon all of us would sit on the dock, laughing at

clumsy people falling off of jet skis, listening to

Hawaiian music people would be playing on their

ukuleles, and enjoying the beautiful sight of families

being together. Then at night my family would, roast our

freshly caught seafood treats, roast marshmallows, tell

ghost stories with our fellow campers, and talk about

how our lives and families were going to get better.

One year later after this wonderful extravagant

place, I learned many lessons about being a man. These

lessons were, a man fights to be happy, a man fights to

provide for his family, and a man never gives up on

making his goals come true. That year my father got out

of jail and regained custody of my sister and I. Still

homeless, my father moved, “ironically”, moved into the

camp site with us. That night my father was crying

because, he wanted better for us.

All of us laughed as we told him, “ Robert, this is the

best thing that has ever happened to us! None of us has,

used drugs, taken a shower, had running water, or even

had the so-called luxury of buying prepared food. But

this life is awesome! We then tossed a, fish, crab, and a

lobster at my father. Seeing the gagging face, all of us

replied, “Try it! The delicious, fresh, juicy, tender, and

scrumptious taste...
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