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Topics: American football, Premier League, Football Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Football is a beautiful sport. The game is thought to be tarnished by the greed and wealth of clubs and players. In recent years the average wage of a player in the highest professional tier earned approximately one thousand four hundred and eight two pounds a week, in comparison to the modern era where a player earns an increase of some 15-fold to twenty two thousand three hundred and fifty three pounds on average according to PFA figures. These global celebrities are seem to be too wealthy ,too stubborn and too greedy ,gaining huge endorsements, sponsorships and more over a high income salary. Yaya toure ,wayne rooney are high paid players earning a staggering estimated amount of £200,000 a week. The question has therefore been raised, are footballers being paid too much ? Football isn’t just a game its an organistation it has evolved , and upholds an obligation to be considered alongside the company of Hollywood and so forth as a major form of entertainment. As well as musicians and actors footballers are paid to entertain the people. The players are employees and the amount of money they get paid is only on account of the money generated from the club. Who are we to argue when a billionaire investor like Roman ambrovich can afford to emit a million pounds a week in wages fees to his players ,it’s his money he can spend it how he wishes. However, there are several factors which must be considered when discussing the income of professional footballers. Footballers are only realistically expected to be able to play professionally for a limited time span – one which is much lower than the length of an average working career – and as such there exists a necessity to compensate them for this, as they are unlikely to be able to forge a new career after retirement. Despite this, however, based on the assumptions of every member of society being paid the mean wage throughout their career and working from ages 18-65, the average Premier League footballer would make...
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