Spatial Analysis: Jardi Tancat

Topics: Performance, Dance Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Jardi Tancat by Nacho Duato
Spatial Analysis
Created by Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato in 1983, Jardi Tancat is a work which symbolises the lifestyles of the Catalonian village people who worked and lived off the land. ‘Jardi Tancat’ was Duato’s first work and translates into ‘enclosed garden’, he utilizes various spatial elements through a number of motifs to represents the working lifestyle and hardships of the Catalonian people. Duato has used the performance space to indicate a very dry and barren land with very earthy colours for the set and costuming which represents the connection to the land. Throughout the performance, the dancers are constantly surrounded by barren tree branches which show the boundaries to the space as well as depict an ‘enclosed garden’. Duato has utilized the dancers by having them remain on stage even when they aren’t dancing, they ‘inhabit’ the front of the stage during the different sections of the performance again to convey the idea of an ‘enclosed garden’. The dance begins with all performers crouching together showing a curved shape, they are positioned upstage and this is significant as this area is a weak section of performance space. Their curved/crouching over shape and their positioning highlights and creates an image of the hardship and laboring. With these powerful movements and positioning of the performers, Duato has already established a strong sense of depth to the work. The set as well as the dancers enhances Duato’s concept in the opening section and set the tone for the overall work. An obvious motif is shown in the opening section of the dance and this is the constant hunching over with curved backs. This shape represents the continuous laboring again showing a connection to the land. The closed, negative shape of the hunched back brings the dancers focus to the ground again showing their never-ending strenuous work. Another motif which is shown throughout various sections is the ploughing motif which is...
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