Spanking Your Kids: A Bad Way to Discipline

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28 April 2012
Spanking Your Kids Could Have Serve effects
When a child acts out its often that a parent chooses to hit their kid, which may show results in the short term, but in the long term the parent could be doing more harm than good. Spanking your kids is a bad way for parents to discipline their children because it may have some psychological effects on the child. Furthermore, reprimanding your child in this manner also causes the child to be more aggressive and present increase number of defiant behavior. Occasionally, spanking can also escalate into child abuse as well, where the parent is almost beating the child. Instead, parents should educate themselves and use other alternatives when disciplining their kids. Physical punishment has a negative psychological impact on the child or children. Stephanie Lyon’s article “The Psychological Affects of Spanking Children” presents the idea that when you spank your kid you begin to devalue the parent-child communication, meaning that the child will become less social with their parents. She explains that corporal punishment puts a certain distance between the spanker and the spanked because the child may start to feel afraid of the parent(Lyon). This could be detrimental in home situations where the parent-child relationship may already be strained, such as single parent homes or blended families. Also some children are forgivingly resilient and bounce back without a negative impression on mind or body, for others it hard to love the hand that hits them and will often drive the parent and child farther apart from each other. The child starts to lose trust and begins to see the parent in a different way.

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In Jan Hunt’s compelling article “Ten Reasons Not to hit your Kids “explains the connection between physically punishing a child and lower self. She says the child’s self image begins with how he or she is perceived by others, especially their parents even in the most loving homes, spanking gives a confusing message, especially to a child too young to understand the reason for the whack. The child will begin to feel that their weak and defenseless (Hunt). Jan then describes a mother named Joan, who sincerely believed that spanking was a parental right and obligation needed to turn out obedient child. After several months of spank controlled discipline her toddler became withdrawn. The mother would notice him playing alone in a corner not interested in playing with the other kids and he was also avoiding eye contact from her. She described him as outwardly a “good boy”, but inwardly, Spencer thought of himself as a “bad boy” (Hunt). This is because spanking Spencer made him feel smaller and lesser of other people; therefore, the child began to become withdrawn from activities and began to play by himself.

While spanking your child could have psychological effects it may also lead to more aggressive and defiant behavior throughout the child’s childhood and even into their adulthood. Researchers at Tulane University provide strong evidence that children’s short term response to spanking may make them act good, but they will act out more in the long run. They found of the nearly two thousand five hundred youngsters in the study; those who were spanked more frequently at age three were much more likely to aggressive by age five. This study was led by community health-sciences professor Catherine Taylor who controlled the of issues affecting the mother such as, depression, alcohol and drug use, spousal abuse and even whether the mother considered abortion while pregnant with the child. After Catherine was able to control all these factors, each of which can contribute to a child’s aggression. Nothing else remained in the study except spanking as the strong predictor of violent Azzarello 3

behavior. Taylor found that the odds of a child being more aggressive at age five increased by fifty percent if he or she had been...
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