To Spank or Not to Spank

Topics: Corporal punishment in the home, Domestic violence, Spanking Pages: 6 (2207 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Ednalyn A. Macas
English 101-Essay #4
Research Paper-Final Draft
May 3, 2012

Child Discipline Strategy: To Spank or Not to Spank?
Should child discipline involved punishment that include spanking or hitting? Is it necessary to spank or not to spank a child as a form of discipline? Some parents have no trouble of agreeing with using a few disciplinary measurements to discipline a child. But, most parents argue that child spanking will have a negative effect on the child’s overall being because it teaches the child defiant behavior, it distracts the child from learning how to resolve personal conflict in a humane manner, and it could be abusive for a child. However, some parents argue that child spanking is appropriate when a child is performing an action that is likely to cause danger or harm to others, it is also appropriate if followed up with a reason why they are being punished, and appropriate because it encourages disciplined behavior without negative results. There can be common reasons why both sides have the same perspective of just wanting to correct a trouble mannered child. There can be different reasons why it is better not to spank a child. Doctors and researchers conduct so many studies and researches to find out how much spanking causes children to be very different.

Spanking teaches children to be rebellious and consequently to develop low self esteem. According to Alice Park, author of “The Long-Term Effects of Spanking”, she said that, “Among mothers surveyed in 20 cities when their children were both 3 and 5 years old, nearly half (45.6%) reported spanking their 3-years old in the previous month, 27.9% reported spanking once or twice that month, and 26.5% reported spanking more than twice. As 5-years old, the children who have been spanked were more likely than the non-spanked to be defiant, demand immediate satisfaction of their wants and needs, become frustrated easily, has temper tantrums and lash out physically against other people or animals.” Lashing out on children as a form of punishment teaches them to act aggressively and more violent. They feel unwanted and unloved. They also feel inferior to others, which explains lower self-esteem among children. The common factor of child discipline tactics whether spanking or no spanking is involved contributes to child’s antisocial behavior. It is not about psychopathology disorder. According to a study conducted by Murray A. Straus, Ph.D. and Vera E. Mouradian, Ph. D. Both researchers and pediatricians at family research laboratory at University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA. “Bearing in mind the limitations of the cross sectional design, the findings Suggest that CP (Corporal Punishment) and ICP (Impulsive Corporal Punishment) may be important risk factors for children developing a pattern of impulsive and antisocial behavior.” Severe spanking can lead to some psychological damage to some children. It is also believed that children who are exposed to spanking have more aggressive behavior. Spanking distracts children from resolving personal conflicts in a subtle humane manner as an adult, when they may resort to violence they knew as a child. In an article written by Murray

Straus, author of the article, “New Evidence For the Benefits of Never Spanking” finds that,
“Since aggression is a relatively stable trait, it is not surprising that the more aggressive children
now and or later in life are now hitting their wives or husbands.” Instead of resolving things in a
humane manner, spanking a child is a way of teaching them that domestic violence is an
acceptable form of behavior. Domestic violence happens between couples that were spanked as
a children. The abuser believes that hitting his or her partner is for the victims own good because
that is what they believed when they were punished as a child. According to Alice Miller,
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