Spanking Children

Topics: Spanking, Buttocks Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: February 2, 2013
One article I found to be very useful in my research is based on research about “spanking”. One paragraph I would quote it, “ Have you ever spanked your child? Would you admit it if you have? For nearly half a century, child-rearing professionals in this country have preached against spanking as a method of discipline, making the taboo against it a powerful one. Not only is it physically hurtful to a child and potentially a precursor to abuse, but research shows it has negative psychological side-effects as well. Nonetheless, in real life, where real parents are dealing with real children whose behavior can be sometimes bratty, defiant and downright frustrating, children do get spanked. So how awful is it if you are one of those parents? A matter of frequency To a great degree, it depends on how often you spank. "Parents are people, after all, and people sometimes lose their temper. Parents shouldn't feel guilty for doing that on occasion," says San Francisco pediatrician Robert Pantell. He is chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health, which covers subjects such as spanking. Pantell, however, refuses to pin down what he means by occasional spanking; he worries that would give parents too much license. Another researcher, developmental psychologist David Riley from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, says: "One or two spankings in a childhood is not going to be damaging. But frankly," he adds, "we don't know the cutoff." He pauses to let that sink in. In other words, occasional does not mean once or twice a month, or even a year. Two spankings in 10 years may not leave emotional scars. Who knows about the third or fourth? (Professionals define spanking as a swat to the rear end; hitting anywhere else is considered abusive.) Pointless punishment Researchers point to many reasons why spanking is so bad. I wouldn’t quote that long of a paragraph of course, however breaking certain, important...
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