Spanking Children

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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As you swiftly pace through the hall of crowded mall, trying not to spill your coffee on your way to work you hear a cry, and something catches your eye, you begin to scan through the clusters of people as your eyes fixate on a child trying to free himself from the restraints of his mother as she repeatedly spanks him. This child is no more than the age of five and because he has been spanked his risk of mental illnesses have increased. You have just witnessed abuse and although some of you will argue “Corporal punishment” or “decline “the effects of spanking children are negative.

Corporal punishment such as “spanking” proves to only have a negative impact on the future development of a child both short and long term. A recent study by Afifi and colleagues showed, children who are spanked risk of mental illnesses are dramatically increased. Theses mental illnesses include: risk of depression, risk of mania, risk of mood disorder and risk of alcohol abuse or dependence.

Now that you have heard the long term effects of abusive spanking or you may call it “corporal punishment” let me move on to the more immediate effects of spanking children. Everyone knows a quick spank o a child’s bottom or a slap to their hand is a quick way to stop a child’s disobedient behavior . But is it real effective? The answer is no . o may have stopped or put an end to one tantrum but in the future its just going to get worse. Heres why. A child who feels right acts right. A child who s hit feels wrong and this effects his behavior . The more he misbehaves the more he is spanked and the worse h feels and as a result he cycle continues. Spanking immediately stops the misbehavior but it is more important for a child to crreat and understanding internally so that he will not want to repeat such misbehavior. After spanking, a child is so caught up in the perceived injust treatment that they forget why they were spanked. It is shown a more effective way to discipline a child is a...
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