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Spanking is a form of corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence. It is usually done in act by an adult, parent, or guardian hitting the child or students buttock. The reason this is done is in response to bad behavior. Some countries have outlawed the act of spanking in every setting, but many allow it as long as it is done by a parent or guardian. As many people think spanking is an okay discipline, this one of the most controversial methods of disciplining your child. On one side some parents think spanking should never be done, and then there are parents who believe it is okay as long as it is done for a particular reason. To some spanking a child means “slapping a child on the buttock” (Straus, 1991, pg 5)

Spanking a child may stop the child from behaving for the moment but that will only last for a short period of time. An article from Mayo Clinic states, “Children learn how to act by watching their parents. The best way to show your child how to behave is to set a positive example for him or her to follow” This is saying that if you spank your child, your child will think it is okay to hurt others. Also that your children look up to you, parents are a role model for their child.

There was a study released in 1991 by The Family Research Laboratory of the Univeristy of New Hampshire that was showed that the more a child is spanked, the lower that their IQ test will be in four years. The paper was described by researcher Dr. Straus at the World Congress of Sociology in Montreal. They studied 960 children who were varied between the ages of one and four between the years of 1986-1990. Thirteen percent of parents examined spanking their children seven or more time a week. The usual was 3.6 spanking per week. The children that were physically disciplined scored a below average score of 98 on their tests. Those who were almost never disciplined scored...
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