Sovereignty and Treaties

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Sovereignty and Treaties

Before going into the exploration of the article and how it pertains to sovereignty and treaties, lets define those two terms. Sovereignty can be described as a state having complete control over its boundaries. According to our book, (pg 40) sovereignty includes such essentials as self-determination, non-intervention, and equality. Sovereignty also pertains to a state’s right to equality, existence, external independence, self-defense, and territorial supremacy. (Pg 181). A treaty is an agreement made by two or more countries to follow a pact or a certain set of rules, or anything to what those countries agree to in that particular treaty, I think in a way a treaty made between two or more countries helps to guard and protect the countries sovereignty, by establishing some agreements to help with factors such as equality, existence, self-defense and territorial supremacy.

These definitions lead us into seeing how Japan broke its obligation to provide information to the IAEA, under the Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident, which was an agreement that was formed after the whole situation in Chernobyl. Japan’s noncompliance is causing a lot of issues and problems, leading us to see how not following the agreements made the sovereignty of the state is affected, meaning that when one country doesn’t comply with the agreements made the sovereignty of the state is at stake. International Atomic Agency is supposed to be controlling the nuclear disaster in Japan, but because Japan is not very cooperative in providing information to this Agency, the Agency cannot do a very good job in controlling the whole situation. There is clearly a miscommunication problem here. In order to prevent disasters such as the one that happened in Chernobyl in 1986 where many people suffered and died it is crucial to stay on top of the situation and what exactly is happening, but since the Agency cannot receive the complete prognosis and...
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