Southern Colonies

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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Southern Colonies
The southern colonies consisted of five of the first thirteen colonies, which were North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia. Where the climate was the warmest out of the three colonial regions, which to those living there was a good thing because survival in the winter was easier for them. Even back in the day, money has been an issue for many. This is why many colonist from New England decided to move to the Southern Colonies. In the southern colonies, the puritans didn’t struggle as much as others, due to their geographic location. The southern soil was good for agriculture. The southern colonies’ economy was based on the indentured workers, who help out a lot in growing their three main cash crops; tobacco, rice, and indigo. Although though those are the main crops grow, they are not the only ones because there were also other incomes of money such as fishing, lumber, and even growing smaller crops such as wheat, corn and other of the source.

Although, the social system might have seemed strict to those around, everyone in the south obeyed and lived by the rules. Therefore there were no major conflicts, because everyone knew where they would stand and knew who their “better” was. This meant they know who they must show their honor and respect to. Those white plantation owner who could afford the indentured workers would be on top, next came the white people who could afford land but did not have enough to afford indentured workers, then would be the indentured workers themselves, following them would be the free black folks, and then finally would be the slaves. However, there was one thing that not even the social classes could come between, which was there religion.

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