Southeastern Railway vs. Find Your Feet: Comparison of Posters

Topics: Color, Kent, Audience Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: March 25, 2013

In this comparison essay I will inform and elaborate the young people regarding two texts or theme related on travel. The first text is called ‘Southeastern Railway’ and the second one is known as ‘Find your Feet’. These two texts are really relevant two classify them as’ daily essential needs’, because more or less they are getting used by everyone. The first text is about their offers they are giving to the audiences, so that they can visit some places for cheap. The second theme is about walking to school, without having to use any motor vehicles


Firstly, I would like to mention about the layout of ‘Southeastern railway’. This text has been laid out in a neat form; instead of scattering the topics all over by doing this it gives the reader some various ideas about different places. Whereas, ‘Find your Feet’ text is laid out in such a way that the bold text of it would grasp the teenager’s attention straightaway.


In ‘South eastern railway’ there are many colourful pictures to inform where a person can go to visit. This leaflet/poster is really informative comparing ‘Find your Feet’. This leaflet also contains regarding those places in Kent and London which are worth visiting and it gives a person to visualize him/her of it. On the other side, ‘find your feet’ is featuring three teenagers enjoying themselves walking to school.


The ‘Southeastern Railway’ poster literally communicates with the audience with lucid, formal and coax English, due to their attitude and expressions they’ve used in the text. This makes a person to have some ideas regarding visiting those places. It also informs the reader regarding the offer which is 20% off. Whereas, “find your feet” has featured their language in such a way that only the new generation’s kids will understand. Additionally, it makes quite complicated for other people to get their message, since they have featured slang English slogan. “Find your Feet” has...
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