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Topics: Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Compare and contrast the different techniques used and give examples The aim of the two texts, Source 3 and Source 1, is to inform the reader. Similarily they are both about enthralling trips/excursions that they have been on. Both sources use a range of linguistic devices and employ a range of persuasive technques. For Example…

In source 1 the writers language of the piece is quite in a way factual as it clearly states the distances of the trio and the place in which it is ‘’225-mile trip down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon .’’ The language in this text is very geographical and in a way technical: ‘’a long line of 6m rafts, masses of gear, an army of river guides...’’ this shows the reader as it shows that the writer too is also very informed about the trip and so can pass their knowledge on, the writer presents the readers with the dates and facts of the trip before describing it whereas in source 3 the writer gets straight to the point of the summit they were undertaking and introduces it in an engaging way ‘’ a decision was needed.’’ This Makes the reader to sit up and pay attention before they know what is going on unlike source 1. Nevertheless, it would seem to me that the direct insight to the story of source 3 is a very convincing way for the reader to engage with the trip. It almost makes the reader want to engage on a pursuit like this themselves.

Source 1 contains short sentences’ such as ‘’you can’t be shy on a Grand Canyon trip.’’ This impacts on the reader and makes them pay attention to what is being said and also makes the entire source easier to understand and take in as long reams of information can be daunting and off-putting. This gives effect and emphasises the point, encouraging the reader to read on as they know they do not have to read long, boring paragraphs. Likewise source 3 also has short sentences’ ‘’a decision was needed.’’ Making the reader pay attention to what the writer is trying to inform you of and provides...
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