Sound of a Siren

Topics: Emotion, Stanza, Siren Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Sound of a Siren
In the poem by Margaret Atwood titled “Siren Song” multiple techniques are used and left out in order to create a specific and clever meaning. The poem works in a way that speaks to the reader from a siren, the speaker of the poem being the siren. It begins with the speaker telling the reader about a song of a siren; half women and half nymph. These sirens in Greek mythology would sing to sailors and attract them to their island. Once on the island the men would be killed or stranded there to spend eternity. The siren bargains with the reader and sings her song. The way the poem is set up makes this simple plot a very cunning and powerful ideal, an ideal that is seen in many different aspects of life. Curiosity, dependency, and sympathy become three deadly tools for the song of our modern day sirens such as media, relationships, and sales.

Many of the minor techniques the author uses allow the reader to connect with the poem. A subconscious bond is often made when a poem uses these techniques well. One of these techniques is used by giving significance to certain parts of the poem. The first stanza and the last line have a higher significance. This creates an effect. A hook is used first to get the reader’s attention, and as the poem continues it builds from the first stanza. Then the final line gives away the theme of the poem and makes the poem less open-ended. The first stanza is a tercet stanza reading

This is the one song everyone
Would like to learn: the song
That is irresistible: (394.21.1-3)
, which has a tone of that of a salesmen. It is a pitch to catch the attention of the readers or audience. At the end of the each line there is not a comma, which causes the reader to feel as though he or she is being directly spoken too. This is a technique that attaches the reader to the poem; the bond mentioned previously. The diction used makes the voice bold as well. The “one” song that “everyone” wants to learn creates a scoped...
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