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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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English I Pre-AP
20 February 2013
Sirens- Mythical Sea Nymphs

One of the most underappreciated mythical sea creature is the mystical Siren. Sirens came about when Akhelios, son of Zeus and Lamia had children with 3 different women. The women where Akhelios+ Melpomena, Akhelios + Terpsikan, and Akhelios +Sterope (Atsma). There is an unclear number on how many sirens where there in a given time. “It was believed that there were either 2, 3 or even 5 sirens that roamed the waters at first” (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). Sirens are able to do many things, but “an individual siren cannot always overpower and enchant you, but a group of sirens can, this is why sirens always travel in groups (Ponzi)

Sirens became what they are when Demeter punished them by a promise that was broken to him (Ponzi). The physical attributes of sirens are very controversial since there are said to be in 2 ways physically. Most websites portray it to be a half bird, half human creature that is beautiful and majestic creatures (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). The next way might as well be the complete opposite, it is also described in many books and it some websites to be a, stunningly beautiful mermaid like creature that roams the waters. (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). “Sirens are said to be considered deities or goddesses at one point of time, but lost their role over time” (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs).

“The power that all sirens poses is to be able to enchant their voice whenever a sailor passes and controls them by their singing. Sirens would also play music with instruments to lure sailor’s as well, one would play the harp, the other lyre and the last would sing the enchanting song” (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). Some of the most familiarized sirens where Peisinoes, Agalope and Thelxiepia. Peisnoes’ name means Mind Persuader, Agalope was a regular siren, while Thelxiepia was the first siren created (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). “There’s stories that tell us that...
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