Sound of Waves Topic Outline

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Topic Outline
George González
Thesis: Mishima uses relationships between nature and several characters to show that although Japan is destined to join the globalizing world, it can avoid the perils that come with westernization through maintaining a strong relationship to traditional Japanese culture. I. Westernization appears bad and nature appears good

A. Shinji characterized as having a traditional Japanese lifestyle 1. Sound of waves
2. Prayer to Yashiro Shrine
B. Yasuo forsook Japanese culture
1. Proud of lack of local dialect
2. Crafty look
C. Hiroshi’s interest in Kyoto-Osaka
1. Temporary quality of city (pg. 96)
2. Letter about movie rather than history
II. Japan is fated to westernize
A. Inclusion of history on island
B. Trade opportunities
1. Terukichi Miyata’s corporation
C. Terukichi’s business rooted in “get-up-and-go”
III. Importance of retaining Japanese culture in western world A. Shinji now seen as able to adapt
1. Pg. 53 Never forget island
2. Shinji’s strength > Hatsue’s picture
3. Proud of shirt pg. 132
B. Hatsue retains culture even though has been off island 1. Ex. Of Hatsue’s absence from Uta-jima
2. Still best diver ch. 13
C. Mishima advises modern Japan to do the same
1. Japan cannot resist westernization (WWII)
2. Must maintain Jap culture (Mishima’s perspective as a Samurai had a role in this opinion.) List of quotations (essay 2)
* “his spoon out of his boot. He was very fond of this spoon, which had gone with him all over the North. He’d made it himself from an aluminum wire and cast it in sand. And he’d scratched on it: ‘Ust-Izhma, 1944.’ Then Shukhov took his cap off of his shaved head- however cold it was, he would never eat with it on” (12). * “start counting up all the years you’ve got to go. Whether you’ll be here for the whole twenty five years or not is anybody’s guess” (54). * “lie down in a hospital bed right...
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