Sound of Waves

Topics: Working class, Emotion, Social class Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Sound of Waves Test
Answer each of the following questions thoroughly. I will be grading on thoughtfulness and how well you explain your answer. For the factual questions, you just need to get it correct. This first section does not need as much explanation, you may give a short response.

Why was Shinji’s mother angry when she first received Hiroshi’s post card?
She was angry because Hiroshi had sent her an expensive post card, and she said "kids these days don't know the value of money. What kind of job does Shinji’s mother do?
What is the name of Shinji’s boat?
Where is the setting?
it takes place after the war, on an island called Uta-jima. Why does the mom cry when Shinji reads the letter from his brother?
Shinji's mother cries after she read the letter because, Hiroshi wants Mother to be able to experience what he is seeing right now. Hiroshi watched western movies on folding chairs and wants his mother to enjoy sitting on these very comfortable chairs. What was the completion that Hatuse’s father set up between Yasuo and Shinji?

to see who would act and had the guts-to-go. by Shinji having the guts to swim in that storm, he proved himself worthy of being Hatsue's husband to be.

Why does Shinji feel he has a “connection” with Hatsue?
because they have this "love at first sight", Shinji first sees Hatsue looking at the sunset. and Hatsue first meets him at the abandon military lookout. something just clicked and she was so beautiful, the first time he has seen her. Why does Chiyoko tell people about Hatsue and Shinji?

Chiyoko is jealous and doesn't think she is pretty enough. she sees them walking arm-in-arm down from the military tower. Why did Shinji choose to work as a fisherman over school?
because his father had died, and so he took responsibility as the household to get the bills paid and provide for the family. by being a fisherman he can do all these things.

How does being honest and fair have its rewards?
by being...
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