Soul and Aristotle

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Thesis: Aristotle's construction of the soul is not the same as plato’s construction of the soul.
support 1: plato believes in dualism, where Aristotle does not.
support 2: plato proposes that the soul transcends, where Aristotle does not.


Centuries ago, Aristotle was a student at Plato's school. Being a student at Plato’s school, Aristotle’s philosophies were greatly influenced by Plato. There are many similarities in the philosophies of the two, but there are many differences as well. The question of “ What is a soul?” is one topic Aristotle and Plato did not agree. Plato’s construction of the soul is not the same as Aristotle's construction of the soul. Two of the main points of difference in both constructions is in the concept of dualism and if the soul transcends.


The first of the the two differences in the construction of the soul or “self” is the concept of dualism. Plato who is advocate of dualism despises the body. To Plato the body has no positive connection or impact on the soul. The body, that is a prison to the soul, mortal and disease prone, only hinders the the immortal soul. The soul is trapped in the body until death when it transcends, which will be discussed later. On all accounts, plato dismissed that the body and soul were as one at any time. The concept of dualism was essential to and set the framework for other philosophical questions for Plato, such as the after life and virtue. this concept of dualism was not shared by Aristotle.

Aristotle believed that the soul and body where interconnected. He believed that the soul could not exist without the body. If you would take away the soul the body would seize to function and in the same since if you took away the body there would be no soul. The connection here is essential to why human life exists altogether. Without the soul and body together the body and soul alone would just be terms or names. The...
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