Sophocles and Distressing Marvel

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Period three (3)
September 13, 2011

1. What has happened to the two brothers and what does Ismene mean by the phrase “by doubled hand”?| They fought each other to see who would become king. The phrase Ismene used “by doubled hand” meant that by killing themselves, they killed each other.| 2. Why does Antigone suggest that she would be a traitor if she complied with the law?| Due to the fact that it would not be fair to only bury the brother whom was “welcome” in the city, not the one who “betrayed” the city.| 3. Who was Oedipus and what tragedy did he experience?| He was the one who was given the prophecy to kill his father and marry his mother.| 4. Why is Antigone willing to die for burying her brother? Why is the threat of earthly punishment apparently unimportant to her?| Because she felt that since she had lost both of her brothers, she felt her soul was already dead.| 5. By denying burial to Polynices, what message does Creon intend to convey? To whom is the message directed? | He wanted to get the point across that he was now king.| 6. According to the Guard, what was a “distressing marvel” about the burial and odd about the condition of Polynices’ body?| The body had not been mangled.| 7. Recall Creon’s opening speech in which he pledges to protect the city and keep its citizens safe? What is ironic about the Guard’s parting words?| As soon as he figured out who had tried to bury the body, the guard volunteered to go back to clear their name.| 8. What two general statements about mankind does the Guard make?| “Sometimes man judges harshly”, and “man avoids responsibility. “|
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