Topics: Oedipus, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: March 4, 2012
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1. "And now what is the proclamation that they tell of made lately by the commander, publicly,/to all people? Do you know it? Have you heard it?/Don't you notice when evils due to enemies/are headed towards those we love?"Line 8-12| Antigone speak to Ismene about their brother Polyneices, that it is unfair to unbury him. Also she refers to the situation of the evil, cursed their father Oedipus who had been expelled outside from Thebes.| | 2. "Consider, sister, how our father died,/hated and infamous; how he brought to light/his own offenses.../Then, mother...did shame/violently on her life, with twisted cords [because she hung herself]/Third, our two brothers, on a single day.../Each killed the other, hand against brother'shand" Line 59-65.| Ismene explains to antigone that she’s afraid if they break the law they will suffering like the rest of their family, she remembers that her family filled with cursed.| | 3. "sought to taste the blood he shared with us,/and lead the rest of us to slavery--/You shall leave him without burial; you shall watch him/chewed up by birds and dogs and violated.../But he that is loyal to the state/in death, in life alike, shall have my honor" Line 220-229.| Creon ordered to leave Polyneices outside the Thebes unburied like a traitor and the animals would eat his body. He has no tolerance toward people who betray the Thebes.| | 4. "I did not believe/your proclamation had such power to enable/one who will someday die to override/God's ordinances, unwritten and secure./They are not of today and yesterday;/they live forever; none knows when first they were./These are the laws whose penalties I would not/incur from the gods, through fear of any man's temper" Line 496-503.| Antigone has on her side the will of Gods that human dead should be buried and she claim that she would never disrespect the law of Gods.| | 5. "The mistakes of a blinded man/are themselves...
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