Sop for Mechanical Engineering

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in Shandong Province. The untimely death of my uncle, who was very close to me, because of illness and poverty shocked me to such an extent that I once decided to drop out of the school and to help support the family. But my parents did not allow me to do so. Illiterate as they were, they nonetheless understood that "Education is the key," and were anxious to put this key in my pocket, in spite of all their difficulties. With the growth of age, I now have a much clearer sense of purpose for my life, which is not just to help one family, but to lift many more out of poverty and ignorance.

I remember that I proved to be a fast learner as early as at elementary school. For instance, I was the only one student in the entire school who could solve linear equations with two variables. At high school, my favorite subjects of learning were Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Every year, I participated in national or provincial contests in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for high school students, and won either a first or a second prize. With this kind of training, I gradually developed a confidence in my ability to compete effectively in any academic circumstance. In 1996, I entered the famed Tsinghua University as a student majoring in Precision Instruments and Mechanics, with scores at the National University Entrance Examinations ranking the first in the region and the fifth in the province.

In Tsinghua University I found the gateway to the beautiful garden of Mechanics. What I saw in its Micron and Nanotechnology Center, such as electric generators only a few microns large, and various laser devices in precision measurement, carried me away completely. When I learned that in near the future, Nano-electronics could produce pocket-sized giant computers, and make fragile porcelain ware exceedingly robust, and, especially, that Nanotechnology will play a central role in the development of Information Technologies, more than Computer does, my mind was made up...
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