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Topics: Law, Master of Laws, Bachelor of Laws Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Statement of Muhammad Shahzad
“To live a meaningful life, to be well-read and to seek new knowledge.” Being a student I have always applied this maxim as the guiding principle of my academic activities. So At this very moment, as a Master’s student, I have felt the need, more urgently than ever, to pursue an advanced a beautiful combination of LLM and MBA program to receive a typically western legal and business education and rigorous trainings that may equip me with an international perspective. It is my belief that the best way to learn this subject well is by plunging myself into the major countries in the world to experience and to distinguish their specific economic and legal systems. Whereas boasting a greatest developed economy, the United Kingdom is acknowledged for its most advanced teaching and research, and its legal system is also most well-developed and ideal in the world. Those factors inspire me to apply for a Master’s dual program in your esteemed college. I resolutely believe that my strong interest in these subjects will facilitate my successful completion of my proposed program. I have the confidence that my past academic and working experience can make me a competitive for your dual master’s program. The reason for my confidence is based on the fact that I have received the best legal education that a Pakistani student can wish in his/her own country. My undergraduate program at Multan Law College (B.Z. University) permitted me to systematically learn all the basic courses of law, and expose me to major categories of individual laws. I was most interested in such laws as civil law, contract law, company law, international economic law and maritime business law. These subjects have given me a broad education base. My school believes in educating people for life with all its difficult issues and I feel that I am a more rounded person as a result. Such as law is more an applied rather than theoretical subject. After seventeen years of...
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