My Motivation to Study an Mba

Topics: Management, Economics, Business Pages: 2 (312 words) Published: February 2, 2011

My motivation to study an MBA stems from the recent global developments in which big corporations once regarded to operate under best global practices collapsed due to various inefficiencies resulting from both financial and non-financial risk. Threats to Business objectives now include social and environmental effects that economic activity/ association can create across borders and economies.

It is my desire to obtain my MBA from an institute of repute offering innovative and highly relevant program content that closely reflect the international marketplace and recent developments in business management and sustainable value creation. I desire an MBA program which combines up-to-date relevant management theory with the practical skills. The rising competition for limited jobs and decreasing job openings necessitate my ambition to have the advantage of being able to standout to start a business of my own and grow it in the international marketplace.

With increased globalization and technological advancement; the entire world economy is fast becoming a global village. Very thin lines exist between markets and jurisdiction. Distance is no longer a barrier. Events and developments in one market/ jurisdiction affect others as seen and witnessed in the recent global financial melt down crisis that cut across companies and economies. Increased industrialization using technological advancement equally amplified environmental hazards spreading across borders.

Nigeria; my home country was not left out.

Key performance indicators for Businesses of international repute now include management of environmental and other social issues aside from the usual financial and compliance concerns. Emphasis is now on sustainable value creation for shareholders and other stakeholders over time.

To this end; it becomes imperative as a future global market professional that I update and maintain a superior knowledge and skills in these...
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