Song Interpretation "Shake Me Like a Monkey" Dave Matthews Band

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The song I interpreted for this paper is “Shake Me Like A Monkey” by Dave Matthews Band, which is on the Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King album. I chose this song because I have been a huge Dave Matthews Band fan ever since my friend introduced me to them in middle school. They have always had a jazzy/rock very unique sound which is unlike most of the bands out there. The band has the normal members of a typical band, guitarist, drummer, bass, vocals, but they also have a saxophonist along with a trumpeter and sometimes other guest musicians which is why I am drawn to their unique sound.

The song “Shake Me Like A Monkey” is a very up tempo and upbeat song that really combines all of Dave Matthews Bands talents well. This song compared to other is more of a louder, in-your-face song that is faced paced and keeps you on your toes and excited throughout the whole song. The song starts off with a hardcore fast paced bang which continues on until the chorus. When the song hits the chorus it slows down its rhythm a bit and calms the audience but as soon as the chorus is over it kicks the pace right back up with the trumpets and hard clashing of the drums cymbals. The song ends with strong lyrics and trumpet solo which really leaves the audience breathless.

This song includes many different instruments and really uses them to their potential in it. The song start off with song crazy lyrics and a loud short trumpet solo which draws the audience in. I would say one of the main instruments of this song which really keeps it together is the trumpet because without that in this song it would not have that strong up-tempo punch that it has. The drums also play a big role in keeping the song so loud. There is also a saxophone and violin which keep the song together and give it that touch of jazzy vibe. The guitar and bass in this song are also very strong but are not as emphasized as much as the trumpet, vocals and drums are. I would say the most unique...
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