Song Analysis: Love the Way You Lie

Topics: Love, Happiness, As Time Goes By Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: October 15, 2012
11 September 2012

Love to experience the happiness between man and woman. Couples always believe that their happiness is the emblem of eternity with love, and their happiness can improves with age. The fact, however, this is an impossible task in practice. In “Love the way you lie”, a very popular song, the lyric proves the former view. Although the couples still love each other deeply, they cannot be happy anymore. With the passage of time, the man does no longer adore his wife. Even he abuses her with hurtful words. What is worse, he cannot stop hurting his pool girl. So love can bring forever happiness that is a ridiculous tale. When love develops to a certain moment, couples begin to find out their partners’ shortcomings. One day, they cannot bear these stupid faults anymore so that their tempers spark like damp firewood. In the lyrics to “Love the way you lie” (Eminem), it states that now you're in each other's face spewing venom in your words when you spit them. The hurtful word likes venom; both of them are able to hurt others from mouth. The music critic Rose says, “Eminem uses the metaphor of his rap words as poisonous venom in several songs, notably “Words Are Weapons”. His words then become an actual, physical weapon.” ( This situation always happens WEI 2

around us. For example, we usually find out that the sweet couples are yelling hurtful words at each other in the street. Therefore, couples cannot give each other happiness constantly as time goes on. In conclusion, it is hard to feel happy continuously in love. Happiness is not the whole of love, pain is another part. As the minutes take away, people do not adore their partner anymore. Even people abuse their couple with hurtful words. Unfortunately, everyone hardly avoid this bad story happens. However, we cannot give up loving. Love is the most beautiful in our planet. As William Shakespeare once said, “The love is a growth at unique the...
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