Rihanna and Love

Topics: Rihanna, Def Jam Recordings, Drug addiction Pages: 5 (1934 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Jessica Gregory

Jillian Swisher

English 101:Section 40

March 9, 2012

For Better Or Worse
From perfection to disaster, the life of one young woman will forever be tarnished. Exposing the world to her extreme drug use and hidden abusive relationship, the music artist Rihanna wanted to show the world the real her, and how there’s much more to be told about her life that most people don’t know. In 2011 Rihanna published her music video “We Found Love”, this song presents the themes of substance abuse, sex and the bad girl image no one ever saw, through its use of symbolic imagery, strong lyrics, and story telling, which she used to expose the world to her hidden world. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born February 20th, 1988 in St. Michael Barbados. She was the oldest of three children, with two brothers, Rorrey and Rajad, to Monica and Ronald Fenty. Rihanna started her life as a normal island girl, who performed and won numerous amounts of beauty pageants as a young girl. She looked up to American singer Mariah Carey as her childhood hero and wishes she could grow up to be like her. She was discovered by a New York producer, Evan Rogers, who had been on vacation at the time. Mr. Rogers took just one look at Rihanna and knew that what she had was special and immediately offered to have her join him on his trip back to New York, where she was introduced to famous musical artist and producer, Jay-Z. Soon after at age 16, she signed with Def Jam Records. Not much longer after signing with Def Jam, Rihanna had transformed from young innocent island girl, to a woman known world-wide for her leather outfits, revealing clothing, tattoos and bright red hair. Rihanna started her career as an innocent girl, very soft spoken and calm, a good girl, until she met Chris Brown, another fellow musician born May 5th, 1989, who also signed with a music company at the age of 16. When Rihanna was 19 and Chris Brown was 18, they met and immediately fell head over heels for each other; it was love at first sight. They fell so in love they became inseparable and did everything together. But not everything and everyone is perfect, and people change. From this relationship, Rihanna learned how much love really does hurt, and the relationship took a turn for the worse. The couple turned to drugs and alcohol to make the relationship seem like they were perfect and nothing could touch them, but they soon found out that they were wrong. In March of 2009 it was reported that Rihanna was beaten, bloodied and bitten by boyfriend Chris Brown. It was alleged that after leaving Clive Davis, Rihanna and Chris had been fighting in a car. Chris pulled the car over, and with rage and anger, brutally beat Rihanna and fled the scene, ending the relationship on a bad note, Rihanna was admitted to the hospital and Chris Brown was now facing felony assault charges. The couple went from young love that they thought would last forever to no communication and hatred for one another. The meaning behind “We Found Love” is to show the world, all of Rihanna’s fans, and those who supported Rihanna after the fall of her and Chris Brown’s relationship the real story of Chris Brown and Rihanna. This video exposes Rihanna’s personal life by showing drug abuse, violence, pain, suffering, power and strength. This video shows their relationship step by step, from the good to the bad. The video begins by showing how the two have fallen madly in love with each other, a perfect relationship, but in the end, they were bad influences on each other and slowly their worlds both fell apart. They found love in a hopeless place, they turned to marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs as a way to keep their relationship fun and exciting, not knowing that they were getting themselves into far worse trouble than a failing relationship. They would soon learn about physical abuse whether it was drugs or an abusive relationship and they would run into problems with the police and the...
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