Something Borrowed

Topics: Wedding, Friends, Love Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Teal Jurries
May 13, 2013
Book Essay

The book I chose to read was Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. The book has approximately 322 pages. I chose to read this novel because I remember watching the movie while flipping through channels and thought it was pretty interesting, and I figured the book would probably be better. I honestly also chose this novel because I need to read just a few more books before I can graduate and while skimming the book, it looked like an easy read and had an interesting enough topic so it would benefit me more. I have a hard time reading novels that I am forced to do. The genre of this book is romance and friendship. The main character is named Rachel, who is thirty and living in Manhattan, and has always been the quiet good girl and never really gets the chance to really love someone because Darcy steals the show. "I want to be someone's first choice." (p.103) Darcy, her best friend, is the exact opposite and is loud and out-going and who always seems to be in competition with Rachel. A quote to describe their friendship is found on page 2 and reads “To say you are my best friend is the understatement of the century; you are the sister I never had.”Dex is Rachel’s college love interest, eventually becomes Darcy’s fiancé and is also the man Rachel is sleeping with. Ethan is Rachel and Darcy’s best guy friend and he encourages Rachel to stand up to Darcy and have a voice instead of letting Darcy to walk all over her. This novel takes place in Manhattan, New York in the city. She visits New York city frequently though. The story time frame last a few months in modern times . A quote to prove that she lives and works in Manhattan is found on page 36 and reads, “I look out of my window at the lights of Manhattan in the direction of his downtown office.” She went to NYU for college where she met Dex. Rachel is an attorney living and working in Manhattan. When she was in law school she fell for another student, Dex, who comes...
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