Pride and Prejudice Book Review

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  • Published: February 3, 2013
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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

Jane Austin introduces the book to what is now one of the most widely known quotes in English Literature- "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." Set in Hertfordshire, England, Pride and Prejudice opens with Mr and Mrs Bennet discussing Mr Bingley, a wealthy young bachelor, moving into Netherfield House, which is in the neighbourhood of the Bennet family. Mrs Bennet wants to match Mr Bingley with one of her daughters while Mr Bennet seems reluctant in doing so. At a Ball, The Bennet family soon meet Mr Bingley and his friend Mr Darcy. While Bingley is well-received, Darcy makes a lees favourable first impression by appearing proud and condescending. When Elizabeth Bennet (one of the five Bennet sisters) overhears herself being slighted by Mr Darcy, she forms a prejudice against him. Meanwhile, Bingley singles out Elizabeth's older sister, Jane and it soon becomes apparent that hey have formed an attachment to one another. Through the course of the book, Elizabeth and Darcy are thrown into frequent company with each other as they are thrown into situations which force them to do so. It soon begins clear that Darcy has grown fond of Elizabeth and even goes as far to propose to her, which she declines as she still thinks of him as proud and ignorant. However, she soon finds that she has fallen in love with Darcy when she hears about all the wonderful things he has done for her family, for example uniting Lydia (one of Elizabeth's sisters) and Mr Wickham ant great expense to himself. Darcy's aunt comes to the Bennet's house and warns Elizabeth off Darcy as she is not good enough for him and then proceeds to ban Elizabeth from ever accepting a proposal from Darcy which Elizabeth vehemently refuses to do. The next day Darcy and Elizabeth find themselves together and Darcy then proposes (again) and professes his love for Elizabeth. She quickly accepts the proposal and tells him that she loves him too.

Character Changes
Early in the novel Mr. Darcy judges Elizabeth, saying that she is not handsome enough to tempt him. Mr. Darcy is not this shallow, however. Later it is described that he looks for a woman of intelligence, one who reads, writes, and basically, one who has a mind to think on her own. Elizabeth’s boldness and ability to speak her opinion is what ultimately attracts him to her. His mind changes about Elizabeth as he discovers the depth of her personality. Elizabeth perceives Mr. Darcy’s quick wits and response to her comments as prideful, but actually I think they both challenge each other’s minds and patterns of thinking. This is so attractive about Elizabeth to Mr. Darcy.
Mr. Darcy also bases his prejudice and misjudgment of Elizabeth based on her pushy, boisterous mother. Her mother turns him off from the Bennet family entirely, and foolishly he turns Mr. Bingley off from Jane as well, not only for that reason but because he didn’t believe Jane felt any affection for Mr. Bingley. These were misjudgments on Mr. Darcy’s behalf for Elizabeth sometimes can’t even stand her own mother and Jane truly did have affection for Mr. Bingley. Mr. Darcy acted immaturely, without knowing the fullness of the situation. In the same manner Elizabeth makes judgments also about Mr. Darcy and Wickham. Elizabeth believes Wickham’s story about him and Mr. Darcy when they’ve only just met. Elizabeth has not begun to understand Wickham’s character, yet she believes him whole heartedly without first enquiring Mr. Darcy about that matter. She foolishly allows her prejudice to grow inside her against Mr. Darcy; and she even talks to her family and friends, causing distaste in their mouths as well. 
Mr. Darcy, after several miscommunications between Elizabeth and himself finally admits his faults of pride and ignorance. He got to explain himself as well. His true character unraveled as more events took place. His maid...
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