Some Successful Example of Certain Company That Practice Good Cq

Topics: Culture, Globalization, The Culture Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: May 15, 2012
The successful story of one leader lies on the ability to create trust and negotiate contracts with Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Westerns, and Europeans in the same day. They are not the one who is able to manage the diversity in their very own companies. No matter who are the workers, what is their race, religion, and so forth, they still manage to have a very good rapport and relationship in the circle of the organizations. Regardless of their languages or beliefs, they tend to complete one task magnificently. To make it short, this diversity lies in their cultural intelligence, or CQ. Therefore, for the 21st Century business leader to succeed in a competitive cross-border environment, it needs high levels of cultural intelligence as well as global leadership competence. Here in Malaysia, a lot of leaders with cultural intelligence because of their successful in managing the organization. At the same time, higher emotionally-intelligent individual concerns more on cultural differences and develop cultural intelligence too. For instance, here, there are many corporate leaders working for MNCs who have the talent to lead a group of different races and religions. For example, Leaders in Malaysia in particular need to develop understanding of a tradition and culture in order to eliminate injustice that probably will be disputed later. One good example is definitely Malaysia’s Prime Ministers. Obviously, they are very capable and has practices good CQ. It can be explained by saying that; today’s global workplace requires individuals to be more delicate to different cultures, to communicate properly with people from different cultures, and to scrutinize new cultures once they encountered. Furthermore, it needed to cope with the strain of culture shock and resulting frustration and misunderstanding later on. CQ is a comparatively new concept and idea and some countries are already forming structures to improvise this CQ skill for the benefit of their people. Many...
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