Some Myths and Facts on Slavery[Research What Is True]

Topics: Slavery, Africa, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: April 7, 2013
slavery is being forced to work without pay under a threat of violence where someone is unable to walk away.slavery is the exploitation of another human being , where they are made to work under inhumane conditions and cannot leave for fear of loss of ther are 27 million slaves in the world even though it is illegal in every country. majority of slaves can be found in India and African countries and human-trafikking is known as the modern day slave trade.slaves work in fields brothels,homes,even restaurants- anywhere slave owners can feed their is an unfair, illegal and immorral practice that occurs daily. slavery has been apart of human society since its begginning and continues to thrive today.according to studies done by anti slavery groups , there are currently more slaves today than at any time in history.three quarters are female and over half are children. the word ''slave'' comes us to us from Byzanite Greek 'sklabos'' which was the name for the Slavic people.the reason for this is that the vikings used t capture the Slavs and sell them to the Romans as slaves.the term only dates back as far as 580 AD as the Latin word ''servus'' was more commonly used before that for all kinds of servants = enslaved or not. the common thought that comes to ones mind ewhen you think of slavery is that of native africans being torn from their homes and being shipped to the americas where they were forced into slavery. in the late 16thcentury slavery was introduced in north america when a black man,who was formerly a slave, brought forth to a court of law that a man he had captured was his slave and that he owned him for life.the court ruled in his favour and this is the first recorded evidence of slavery in the american colonies.this man became very wealthy and came to own many acres of land . ironically his land was later taken away from him and given to a white man as he was deemed a 'negroe' therefore an alien.though thousands of slaves were shipped...
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