Solving a Real Life Problem

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Solving a Real-Life Problem

For this exercise I have chosen to write about the problems in Home-Health care. I currently work in the Home-Health field and find it very difficult most nights to go to work. I work the overnight shifts from 8pm – 8am. In the beginning I really enjoyed going to work and taking care of the elderly couple that I take care of. However, recently with going to school full time, working full time, having three children (ages 7, 6, & 1) at home, pregnant with my fourth, not getting the appreciation and pay that I deserve, I find myself dreading the nights that I have to work. I believe that if I had something to look forward to and was getting paid better than I am for the job I do, that I wouldn’t hate my job so much. Other factors that cause me to not want to go to work is always being relieved late, having other peoples shift work being left for me to do on my shift, and not getting the appreciation for the amount and quality of the work I do. For this exercise I will show how with the help and dedication from my employer and fellow employees that the job could be much more enjoyable for all.

I have observed many of us employees not wanting to come to work due to these issues I mentioned above. Several of the employees are showing up to work late, they aren’t doing everything on their list to do during their shifts and are leaving things for other people to finish. Everyone is complaining that we are not getting paid what we deserve to be getting paid. These are all common problems when working in the Health-care field.

I believe and feel that if our employer raised our pay, and paid us more then what we are getting paid then people would be more willing to come to work. It is hard to work to your full abilities at this particular home when the office is getting paid $18 an hour for each of the clients we take care of and the employees that are there doing the work are only getting paid $9 total. We all...
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