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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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A Proposal to Investigate Effective Solutions to Lack of Access of Engineering Students in Bilkent University to the Exams of the Past Years

Çağatay Güleç

Students of engineering departments in Bilkent University need to study hard for their exams in order to get satisfactory grades from their departmental courses. To accomplish that, they need to solve either sample problems from their course books or questions from the exams of previous years. A preliminary survey conducted among the engineering students of Bilkent shows that the main preference of these students to get prepared for their exams is to go over the past exam questions, not to solve sample exercises from their course books, with a rate of 81.4% [1]. Although the demand for the exam questions of the past is this much high, engineering students often face difficulties in finding them. They complain that they are not provided with sufficiently many sample exams of the past by their instructors. Figure 1 below shows the severity of the problem.

Figure 1: The level of help given by the instructors to the students in this matter [1].

Under these circumstances, if the engineering students are lucky enough, they get access to past exams mostly through their elder/experienced friends, who have already taken same courses before [1]. Not all students are this lucky, though. Acquisition of the past exam questions turns out to be quite an irritating and a serious problem among the Bilkent engineering students, as 86.4% of the participants to the same survey emphasize [1]. In this report, an analysis of the problem briefly described above will be carried out in detail and then possible solutions to eliminate the underlying reasons will be offered. These proposed solutions will be assessed according to their cost, sustainability, acceptability and effectiveness. Under these criteria, the best solution(s) among the alternatives will be determined, after collecting...
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