Solubility Lab

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  • Published : October 21, 2011
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1.Provide a general discussion of the solubility/miscibility behavior observed in procedure A-D. For part A of the procedure we worked with the solubility of solid compounds in various solvents. The three solid compounds that were worked with during this procedure were benzophenone, malonic acid, and biphenyl. These three solids were then mixed with water (highly polar), methyl alcohol (intermediately polar), and hexanes (nonpolar). When benzophenone is mixed with water the results turned out to be insoluble because benzophenone is a pure hydrocarbon, which are very insoluble in water. When benzophenone was mixed with methyl alcohol, it was soluble because Methanol can hydrogen bond to the carbonyl oxygen of benzophenone. When benzophenone was added to hexanes it was partially soluble because “likes dissolve likes” benzophenone is polar and hexane in non polar. When the next compound, malonic acid was combined with water and with methyl alcohol it turned out to be soluble in both cases. However when malonic acid was combined with hexanes it was in soluble because Malonic acid is polar where as hexane is nonpolar. When the final compound, biphenyl was added to water it was insoluble because biphenyl is a non-polar molecule. Biphenyl was partially soluble when it was added to methyl alcohol but when hexane is added it is soluble because both are non-polar and "likes dissolves likes". For part B of the procedure we worked with the solubility of various alcohols in water and hexane. The three alcohols we used were 1-octanol, 1-butanol, and methyl alcohol. When 1-octanol was added to water it is insoluble because the longer the carbon chain, the more water is repelled. However when 1-octanol was added to hexane it was soluble because it is a polar molecule being that it is an alcohol. When 1-butanol is added to water it is partially soluble because 1-butanol slightly polar. Which means that it was soluble in hexane. When methyl alcohol was added to water it was...
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